The Serious Job Seeker IQ Test
1. Finding a career job is a full time endeavor - you should expect to work 40 hours a week finding a job. True False
2. On average, the career job search process will take about three to six months True False
3. Finding a career job is a matter of organization plus luck, or organizing your luck. True False
4. In order to find a good career job you need a solid strategy, and should not undertake the task randomly. True False
5. The career search process can be successful, even if you are not constantly aware of events happening in the world around you. True False
6. The career search process can be successful, even if you have not thoroughly assessed your skills and interests. True False
7. You can expect to be successful, even if you do not reach out to other people and professionals in your field (contacts who can put you in touch with people who might help you and people who might hire you). True False
8. You will need to conduct research and gather information about career opportunities, from both published sources and from professionals in a position to know about your career field. True False
9. Self-presentation is essential: you have to present well in person and on paper. True False
10. Attitude is important, a positive attitude is better than the alternative. If one job doesn't come through, something better will. True False
11. There will be days when you feel disappointed, distressed and discouraged, and you will need to manage those feelings and manage the stress. True False
12. It's about your skills, not your personality, so you don't need to worry about manners and etiquette. True False
13. In the end, you are certain to find a job, and it will be a step forward on the career path you have chosen. True False
14. Your search may take you in unexpected directions. You might accomplish more than you expected and you might end up being paid more than you thought. You might very well be surprised by the opportunities that present themselves and by the decisions you ultimately make. True False
15. In the end, if you are serious, you will find career satisfaction. True False

1.3 The Big Picture

Copyright: Cici Mattiuzzi