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The ultimate job search toolkit
The ultimate job search toolkit

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Serious Resume Builder


Resumes Are More Involved Than You Think

Resumes are an essential tool for job seeking. Writing one is tricky. Fail this task and you are going to be overlooked and ignored by the people you most want to pay attention to you- the people who have the power to hire and the screening squad.


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Resume Samples

Project Manager
Electrical Power Engineer
Manufacturing and Development Engineer
Student Intern
Electrical Power Engineer
Entry-Level Position Retail Management
Dietitian Assistant
International Business Administration
Masters Engineering-Electrical & Electronic
Management Info. Science
Mechanical Engineer Technology
Engineering-Electrical & Electronic
Construction Management Engineer
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering intern
Legal Secretary
Administrative Services
Facilities Manager
Event Planning
Recreation Planning
Criminal Justice
Speech Pathology
Sales Operations Analyst
Electrical / Electronic Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Editor/Communications Specialist