Work Values & Priorities

What do you need to be satisfied with your work?

Fill this out as if your life depended on it!

1=Somewhat Important
2=Very Important
3=Absolutely Required
Using the scale above, rate each item:
How important it is to you for you to be satisfied with your work?

0 1 2 3 Creativity:  A job in which I can develop new products, ideas or processes, or in which I can express myself.
0 1 2 3 Challenge:  A demanding job which requires that I solve difficult problems.
0 1 2 3 Variety:  A job that allows me to perform many different tasks.
0 1 2 3 Flexibility:  A job that allows me to set my own schedule and change my working style as I wish.
0 1 2 3 Learning:  A job in which I can learn and enhance my skills and abilities.
0 1 2 3 Intensity:  A job that requires much time and attention, sustained effort
and intense concentration.
0 1 2 3 Consistency:  A job in which my duties are clearly defined and my responsibilities
are stable and predictable.
0 1 2 3 Independence:  A job in which I can do things my own way and make my own decisions.
0 1 2 3 Teamwork:  A job in which I can work closely with a number of other individuals.
0 1 2 3 Leadership:  A job in which I can lead, supervise and influence others.
0 1 2 3 Job Security:  A job that I know I will be able to keep as long as I want.
0 1 2 3 Stability:  A job with a solid, stable, established and predictable organization.
0 1 2 3 Financial Security:  A job that provides adequately for my needs, allowing me to live comfortably.
0 1 2 3 High Paying:  A job in which I can earn a good deal of money.
0 1 2 3 Financial Growth:  A job that allows for continuing salary growth and opportunity.
0 1 2 3 Career Growth:  A job that promises advancement, opportunity and increasing responsibility.
0 1 2 3 Prestige:  A job that is important and for which others might look up to me.
0 1 2 3 Support:  A job working for someone I admire and respect and to whose success I can contribute.
0 1 2 3 Respect:  A job in which my work is recognized and applauded and where I feel valued as a person.
0 1 2 3 Public Service:  A job in which allows me to make the world a better or safer place to live.
0 1 2 3 Helping People:  A job in which I can help people improve their lives.

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6.2 Inventorying and Identifying Your Key Knowledge Areas

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